“The only truth is music.” ― Jack Kerouac


I am pretty sure I wrote my first song when I was 12, I was in junior high. I wrote down the words, put some bar chords together, all for this girl I was in love with. She was beautiful, popular and impossible, at least for a guy like me, a nobody, poor and pathologically shy.

One day I decided that I would play the song for her, that song, the only tool I had, the last shot, the only thing I could offer besides my heart and my soul, ha! Cutting it short, It worked it out, we kissed, she kissed me, I can still feel it… The summer of 1994.

EP, demos, voice memos and more coming soon…

Music is everything, music is my savior - no matter what you might think about them - writing keeps me alive.
— Me


I work with advertising cause it’s a lotta fun, still creatively rewarding and it does pay the bills.
— a composer


Their voice is our voice. We’re stronger together. Fight, resist, awake. we got the power.

Music by Daniel Teo

Art direction by Douglas Téo

Edited by André Timm and Joelmir Zanette



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