“The only truth is music.” ― Jack Kerouac


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Daniel is an experienced Composer, Sound Engineer and Editor, based out of Los Angeles CA, originally from Brazil.

latest achievements:

In 2018 Daniel wrote a song that went viral in Brazil. “You’re Not Alone” was written for a civil rights movement called Freedom for Lula, becoming its anthem. The ex president of Brazil is widely recognized as a political prisoner. During his presidency, social programs were created, credited with lifting more than 50 million people out of poverty line, among other achievements.

Daniel also played for the largest audience of his career so far, more than 80.000 people, in Rio, at the Freedom for Lula festival. He had the honor of sharing the stage with such names as Chico Buarque and Gilberto Gil, among other giants of Brazilian music.

His background in advertising has made him an accomplished composer for commercials. Since 2012, he proudly holds one of the biggest retail chain account in South America. Some of the commercials went viral reaching over 3.000.000 views on youtube. In the last 4 years the company has grown 400% and opened more than 200 new locations. He’s currently working on the Christmas and high summer 2020 campaigns.


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